Elisabeth Pointon: Special offer.

Te Tuhi Project Wall

01 December 2018 - 10 March 2019

For Te Tuhi's Project Wall, Elisabeth Pointon's Special offer. features the installation of a custom-designed, two-metre wide, red, inflatable, advertorial blimp. Pointon draws on her experience working within the capitalist structure of a luxury car dealership, with the blimp operating as both advertisement and art object.

Self-identifying as a double-agent - occupying the role of Bookings Coordinator and artist - Pointon investigates the shared spaces of corporate life and the relationships inherent within them. Specifically, she is interested in the ways these spaces may contribute to what she calls a “collective isolation”. Pointon plays with and subverts language that is native to these environments, such as empty affirmations or promotional superlative, in order to redefine and re-imagine these cultural spaces.