Hannah Valentine: Grips, slips, of space, a memory

12 November 2016 - 26 February 2017

For Te Tuhiís Project Wall Hannah Valentine has created a series of small bronze objects. With†Grips, slips, of space, a memory, Valentine invites visitors to pick up and hold the objects for the duration of their visit. Resembling tools or weights, and revealing the contours of the hand that cast their mould, Valentineís objects rest on stands waiting for interaction. Inspired by artist Franz West's series of works called†Adaptives, and the notion that individual works of art never carry only a single meaning, the response of the audience is integral to the whole experience. Grips, slips, of space, a memory†offers a resistance to the sublimation of digital and virtual experiences through touch and action.

Hannah Valentine was the 2016 Te Tuhi Iris Fisher Scholar.

John Hurrell, 'Valentine's Bronzes,' EyeContact review