Share/Cheat/Unite Research Initiative

Share/Cheat/Unite research initiative

Research meeting: Thursdays 8-29 September, 2.00-4.00 pm, Te Tuhi

Melissa Laing presentation: Saturday 17 September, 1:30-2:30 pm, Te Tuhi

If you would like to participate in this research please enquire at reception or email: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Since the 1990s there has been a well-documented rise in the use of conversation as a method and medium within contemporary art practice. As a result, conversation as a tool and medium is now embedded in our collective understandings of art. However, when the conversational aspect of an artwork is acknowledged it is often only stated that discussion took place and what it resulted i,n without delving into the nature of the conversation or its formal properties.

The Share/Cheat/Unite research initiative, run by the Performance Ethics Working Group, seeks to go deeper and examine the specific aesthetic, ethical, social and political aspects of conversation in art. It plans to build a nuanced understanding of the skills and considerations that artists bring to bear on the act of conversation – situating this practice within the increased interest in the role of conversation in contemporary society.

During September 2016, a Performance Ethics Working Group will gather at Te Tuhi to undertake a research project alongside the exhibition Share/Cheat/Unite. The research will be furthered through a variety of forums including a discussion group, public talks and interviews.

The Performance Ethics Working Group is a research cluster in the University Without Conditions. Led by Melissa Laing, the working group’s structure is open and flexible, bringing diverse participants together around a question or event. The group's previous research focused on the intersection of ethics with contemporary performance practices across and between the fields of theatre, dance, live and visual arts and produced a performance ethics podcast series published at:

Members of this gathering of the Performance Ethics Working Group will include Leon Tan, Jeremy Leatinu’u, John Vea, Tosh Ahkit, Xin Cheng & Chris Berthelsen.


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